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Americana Vintage Candles Shipments for the Holiday Season are Starting Arrive!

As you may know, certain American Vintage candles scents are made only during certain times of the year.  This means that we order early because they do sell out.  We received a shipment today, so this is what we currently have in stock:
~ Homestead
~ Jingle Bells
~ Gingerbread
~ Ginger & Fig
~ Evergreen Citrus
~ Lemon Parsley
~ Lemon Custard
~ Pomegranate Apple

New Americana Vintage Candles are In!

We’ve got a fresh batch of Americana Vintage candles with some delicious new scents!  (Remember:  We WILL ship)

Fragrances that we have added to our inventory are:

  • Lemon Custard
  • Ginger & Fig
  • Pomegranate & Apple
  • Cabin in the Woods (for all you guys who have been wanting a “woodsy” scent)
  • Spicy Cranberry

Fragrances that we are still carrying are:

  • Lemon Parsley
  • Mulled Tangerine
  • Homestead

Come on in and check them out!  As any of our loyal candle customers can tell you, they leave the store very quickly after they arrive.

Americana Vintage Candles Say “I Love You, Mom!”

Mother’s day is coming up this weekend and what better way to say “I Love You, Mom” than one of our delicious Americana Vintage candles?  Supply is tight because they are going fast, so pop on in and get yours!!

What’s New! 4/10/2014

For pricing or further information, please contact us at 267-324-3681 or [email protected].  And don’t forget to come visit us at our Community Yard Sale tomorrow on the 300 block of East Girard Avenue!

Spring Candles Are In!

Some of the candles that we will be carrying for the Spring just came in!  They sell out quickly and I can give you a head’s up that we’ve already sold half of our Rhubarb.  We now have Rhubarb, Mulled Tangerine and Lemon Parsley.  Easter and Mother’s Day are right around the corner, so stop on by and get a head start on gifts.

Americana Candles Back in Stock – New Flavors!!

Americana Candles ~

Please Note:  We will ship.  Just contact us at:  [email protected] or 267.324.3681.

Our Americana Candles are back in stock (I promise we will know how to order better for next year) and we have added a delicious new flavor to the mix – Vanilla Bean.  The really neat thing about this particular Vanilla Bean candle is that it is covered in a light layer of mica, so when it burns the candle actually glows!

In addition, we now have the following in stock:  Jingle Bells, Evergreen Citrus and Homestead.

Jingle Bells, Evergreen Citrus, Vanilla Bean, Homestead

We LOVE these candles because they are made with 100% natural products and have a burn life of approximately 155 hours.  They burn down the middle, so when they’re done, we put them in a plastic bag and bag the candle with a hammer.  They break into shards and pieces which we then burn in tart burners – it’s like the never-ending candle.

In addition to the holidays, these candles are great for house warming and hostess gifts.

Need a Last Minute Hostess Gift?

Need that last minute hostess gift – and you don’t cook and don’t wanna stand in line for 45 minutes at the wine store (and today you will).

Come on over to Keys to the Attic and grab one of our delicious Americana candles!  This is a gift that is quick and easy for you – and will last throughout the holiday season for your hosts.  They will love it (and you)!! ~ Americana Vintage Candles

Evergreen Citrus

Candles Are In!!

Just received a new shipment of candles with some new flavors for the upcoming holiday season … Yum Yum Yum!!

In addition to our the wonderful scents that we already carry, we now have Evergreen Citrus and Jingle Bells.  Also, Homestead is fully back in stock.

Don’t forget – not only are these all natural candles great for your home .. they also make awesome gifts and we do ship.

Mother’s Day is in a Week!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  I hope that everyone is out and about on the beautiful Sunday, enjoying the weather and putting back a few for this holiday.

Just wanna give everyone a reminder that Mother’s Day is next weekend, so if you are in need of a wonderful gift, come on into the store and pick up one of our delicious Americana candles (it’s okay … you can drink first).  We have the following flavors in stock, though some of the scents are running low:

  • Rhubarb
  • Lemon Grass
  • Sweet Herb
  • Lemon Custard
  • Mulled Tangarine
  • Homestead
Americana Vintage Candles ~


Americana Vintage Candles Have Arrived!

Americana Vintage Candles at Keys to the Attic

Americana Vintage Candles at Keys to the Attic

Keys to the Attic is now carrying Americana Vintage all natural candles.  The three flavors that we have are: Homestead, Lemon Custard and Mulled Tangerine.

Are you ready for pure heaven? These candles are the very best around…and I have tried them all!  They are made with only the purest of oils (not artificial.) They burn evenly, smell insanely delicious and make wonderful presents.

These handmade candles are created in the USA by an artist named Sandra and her husband.  Her husband pours them and then the base is hand dipped 7 times by Sandra and her son. The candles are then rolled in natural spices and scents.

These candles burn for 155 hours and make fantastic gifts (or, if you’re like me … a gift for myself). I used to be a devoted Yankee candle fan, but I think these are my new favorite!

Come on into the store and take a whiff – I always have one burning 🙂

Americana Vintage Candles at Keys to the Attic

Americana Vintage Candles at Keys to the Attic