The Candlesmith’s Candles

Keys to the Attic is now carrying The Candlesmith’s candles.  If you liked Americana Vintage candles … these candles match (and in some scents exceed) them – scent, burn time, and appearance.

The Candlesmith’s candles are handmade by a lovely couple outside of the Lancaster, PA area who I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting in person.  As always, I will not carry a product that I can’t stand behind.

Are you ready for pure heaven? These candles are one of the best around…and I have tried so many!  Not only do they smell insanely delicious, they burn evenly (for approximately 150 hours) and are rolled in natural spices and scents. These candles make wonderful gifts (or, a treat for yourself).  I always have one burning.

We will ship or you can pick up.  Please see our Contact Us page for more info.


Hint:  After your candle has burned down the middle and to the end, take the remaining shell and put it into a bag (an ordinary plastic grocery bag will do) and hit it with a hammer.  You want to break it into chunks.  You will then be able to use the chunks in a tart burner (that you can find anywhere).  This is a candle that will last forever!

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