Black Crow Candles

These candles are fantastic and we’re selling lots of them!

Black Crow Candles are handmade in the USA and come in mason jars with labels decorated using a burlap netting material and twine.  They burn with no smoke and an even  distribution – no “tunneling”.  These candles make fantastic gifts and/or personal home decor.

We ship! Simply contact us at: [email protected] .

We are carrying the following scents in 16 oz. ($14) and 32 oz. ($24) sizes:

  • 1800 House ~ (apple and mango)
  • Blessings ~ (apple slices with warm caramel)
  • Country Clothesline ~ (fresh clean)
  • Country Cupboard ~ (butter, butterscotch, caramel and cream)
  • Country Market ~ (butter, caramel, cream, pumpkin and clove)
  • Dandelion Pear ~ (dandelions, wildflowers and pears)
  • Garden Thyme ~ (dried sage, basil, and a hint of mint)
  • Herb Cottage ~ (fresh herb mix)
  • Honeysuckle ~ (honeysuckle with hints of jasmine and lilac)
  • Lavender ~ (fresh blooming lavender flowers)
  • Lemon Grass ~ (sweet lemon grass)
  • Lilac ~ (fresh blooming lilac bush)
  • Lime Verbana ~ (fresh lime,grapefruit and lemon)
  • Log Cabin ~ (mix of pine and spices)
  • Olde Country ~ (cinnamon and fresh cloves)
  • Pecan Sage ~ (apples, spices and pecans)
  • Picket Fence ~ (floral blend of violets, jasmine and plumeria)
  • Potting Shed ~ (mixture of fresh cut flowers)
  • Sweet Pea ~ (hyacinth, lily of the valley, violet, and jasmine)
  • Vanilla Pear ~ (french vanilla and pears)
  • White Christmas ~ (oranges, apples, pineapple with a hint of cinnamon)
  • Winterberry ~ (winterberries and pine)
  • Woodland Hills ~ (pine, cloves, cinnamon, and other spices)


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