Americana Vintage Candles

Americana Vintage Candles at Keys to the Attic ~ $25

Americana Vintage Candles  (no longer) at

Keys to the Attic is no longer carrying Americana Vintage candles due to delivery issues with the manufacturer.

The good news is that we are now carry The Candlesmith’s Candles that equate – if not exceed – Americana Vintage candles (this is our opinion and we think that you will think the same).

Please contact us if you liked certain Americana scents and we will help you find a similar, if not the very same, scent.



4 thoughts on “Americana Vintage Candles

  1. Pat Drumm

    I just bought a Americana Vintage candle, Homestead and I absolutely love it, it smells like chai and it smells up the whole house. I want to order some and I will be ordering constantly from now on because it’s the best candle I ever had.

    1. Keys to the Attic, LLC Post author

      Thank you, Pat! Yes, these are the best candles ever and I never thought that I would be carrying candles in my store, but these are too awesome. Glad you love them and I will be getting a Spring shipment in the next couple of weeks … so you’ll have more choices. Contact me and I’ll tell you what I have.

      Thanks so much!! Catherine~

    1. Keys to the Attic, LLC Post author

      Hi Jody ~

      In my opinion, the Rhubarb pretty much smells like rhubarb and is on the sweet side. It does not have an added scent of cinnamon or spicy quality. The scent also is of a spring/summer nature … not so much a heavy, fall scent (like the Homestead or other fall/winter scents). I don’t know quite how else to describe it, but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      I can tell you that until my next order comes in (about a week or so) I have 2 Rhubarbs in stock. Thanks for inquiring 🙂

      Keys to the Attic


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