2 thoughts on “130613_DeskSideShelves

  1. Amy Miller

    Do you have any info on this desk? like does it have a stamp on it of when it was made or anything. What type of pricing would be on this piece? I have one that is similar and I wanted to paint it, but not sure if I should, if it’s worth much money.

    1. Keys to the Attic, LLC Post author

      Hi Amy ~ Though, I do not have actual info on the desk. I believe that I sold this piece for about $50 unpainted (understanding that my store is in Philadelphia). Whether to paint or not would be up to you and the condition of your piece. Thanks so much for your inquiry!

      P.S. I don’t know what paint brand you use, but I have an overstock of CeCe Caldwell paint for sale at $20/quart in select colors and I do ship 🙂

      Thanks Catherine ~


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