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Yeah for Sketch!!


Fun stuff!!  The travel channel will be at Sketch in Fishtown tomorrow filming.  They are a block down the street from Keys to the Attic, so stop on by and visit and you’ll be able to check out the filming, too.  Sketch has the best burgers in all of Philly and are continually recognized for their awesome food. Congrat’s to Phyllis and Sketch for putting us on the “map”!!  Check out the link below:

What’s New! 3/19/2014

Please contact us for additional information or to purchase over the phone: [email protected] or 267.324.3681

What’s New! 2/20/14

Please contact us at 267.324.3681 or [email protected] for pricing or to ask any questions about items for sale.

Love Philadelphia?

We have several OUTSTANDING pictures reflecting different areas of our beloved Philadelphia.  Check them out.  Contact us at:  [email protected]  or 267.324.3681  for pricing.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving – Vintage Urinal!

Believe it or not, I cannot keep these things in stock.  Yes, vintage enamelware urinals!!  But, I can understand why … they have soooo many functions.  Let’s talk a look.

First, the urinal can be used as a … urinal.  You know those nights when you go out and have a little too much to drink and then you’re on your way home and you MUST pee?  Well, the beauty of this urinal is its size.  Only 10″ long, it will fit into any fashionable handbag or your glove compartment.

Second, urinals make lovely planters (see below).  I can also picture gorgeous, easy to take care of succulents dripping out of this fine urinal.

Third, a urinal can make a very interesting carafe.  Imagine the the delight (or disgust) of your friends and family when you pour fine wine (or beverage of your choice) during those always warm and fuzzy holiday meals.

Yes, this is a gift that will keep on giving.  Multi-functional, easy to use, and it will stand the test of time – it has so far.  Enjoy!!

What’s New! 12/12/2013

For prices or more information, please contact us at:  [email protected] or 267.324.3681.  Thanks!

Surprise Visit from the Mayor!

Guess who came in to visit us at Keys to the Attic today …. Mayor Nutter!!  In support of Small Business Saturday the mayor of Philadelphia is visiting small businesses and he popped over to Fishtown.  (Yes, I know that I look like a ghost in this picture … my camera is so awful!)

Catherine with Mayor Nutter

Catherine with Mayor Nutter

Limited Hours This Weekend

We will be out of town this weekend and working on limited hours as follows:

Friday – Close at 6pm
Saturday – Noon-6pm
Sunday – Noon-6pm

I will have somebody in the store, but if you need to reach me, please call:  215.327.3451.

I apologize for any inconvenience.  Thank you!