Candlesmith’s Candles

Candlesmith’s Candles

We do ship candles, soaps, preserves, and other select items.  Please contact us to inquire:  |  267.324.3681

Keys to the Attic is carrying Candlesmith’s candles.  If you like Americana Vintage candles … these candles match (and in some scents exceed) them – scent, burn time, and appearance.

Candlesmith’s candles are made by a lovely couple outside of the Lancaster, PA area, Robin and Jeff, who I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting in person.  They are absolutely lovely people with a fabulous store called Homestead.

During a very busy holiday candle season – this is what we have (due to change, as we are ordering and picking up as many as we can as fast as we can):

Cake Candles

  • Pumkin Butter
  • Cornbread

Frost Candles

  • Apple Jack Frost (6″)
  • Cranberry Frost (6″ and 4″)
  • Frosted Clove (6″ and 4″)


  • Cinnamon Cornbread (6″)
  • Primitive Garden (4″)
  • Pumpkin Spice (6″)

Floating Stars (candles that float in water)

  • Country Garden
  • Frosted Clove
  • Huckleberry

Come on into the store and take a whiff – I always have one burning :)

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