How to Consign With Us

Consigning with Keys to the Attic is very easy.  It’s a year-round opportunity to “spring clean” your house, make room for new things and make some money in the process … all the while going green by supporting sustainability efforts.

Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose – Reduce – Redesign

Ready to consign?

    1. Call 267.324.3681 – or email – to make an appointment.

      We will not accept any items without an appointment.Furniture:  Photos of furniture must be emailed prior to appointment.  As we do not accept everything that is brought to us, this eliminates a waste of effort for both the consignor and consignee.

      Non-furniture and Decorative Items:  Simply make an appointment.  Please be aware that we may not accept everything.  Our selection of items for consignment are based on the market and what we think we can sell.

    1. Bring your items to the store (directions) at your alloted appointment time and complete the Consignment Application.

      Note:  The application simply explains our terms for consignment. You must sign the bottom of the application, which states that you have read and understood our How to Consign policies found on this page.

    1. We will go through your items, for which you MUST be present, and choose which ones to accept for consignment. Any items that are not accepted must leave with you.

      We reserve the right to refuse any items, at any time, for any reason.

      Items must be clean and in sellable condition upon drop off.  We will not accept items that are dirty, soiled, moldy or smell of nicotine, pets or mothballs. We do NOT pick items up, nor do we review any items at any location, other than the Keys to the Attic address.  Should you need transport for your items, please review our Pick Up and Delivery page for options.

    1. Pricing for each item is determined by Keys to the Attic.  Within 14 days after drop off, you will receive a list in the mail, or via email, of what each item is priced at. Exceptions MAY be made to this policy.  If you have an item that you will not accept to be sold below a certain price, please contact us with an image of the item prior to your appointment. Due to our commitment of affordable pricing, we may or may not be able to proceed with the sale. Please be aware that once items are dropped off, there will be a 25% fee (from the original selling price) for any items that are picked up prior to the 90 day selling period.  Item(s) will not returned until this fee is paid.

    1. Items are sold for 90 days, based on the following pricing structure:
      • First 30 days – price as marked
      • Second 30 days – automatic 25% markdown
      • Third 30 days – automatic 50% markdown

      The final selling price is split 50/50 between Keys to the Attic and the consignor.

    1. After 90 days, you will be contacted to pick up any unsold items.You will have 7 days to pick up from day of contact.  Any items that are not picked up within the 7 day period automatically become the property of Keys to the Attic, to be donated to a local charitable organization or reutilized at our discretion.Please note that we do not give donation receipts, as we do a mass donation every month.

  1. A check for the items that have been sold will be issued at time of pick up, or will be mailed to you.  Checks are not issued before the end of the 90 day selling period.

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