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Fishtown Meet the Neighbors

Fishtown Meet the Neighbors

We had a great time (as usual) at the annual Fishtown “Meet the Neighbors“.  Got to hang out with my friends and fellow small businesses, along with a bunch of people that live and love Fishtown.

Yep, I won another auction raffle – a basket donated by The Pickled Heron which I have never been to, but have been meaning to visit for a while now.  My buddies Leo and Nancy from Fishtown Lawyers (this is who I run to with all my legal stuff) and Beth and Andy from Beth Blinebury Design (this is who you need for web/marketing/branding) won stuff, too.  Great night and lots of fun (aka heavy drinking) had by all!  Great job to Fishtown Neighbors Association for planning and hosting this great event!!

What’s New!! 5/7/2014

For pricing or further information, please contact us at 267-324-3681 or

New Americana Vintage Candles are In!

We’ve got a fresh batch of Americana Vintage candles with some delicious new scents!  (Remember:  We WILL ship)

Fragrances that we have added to our inventory are:

  • Lemon Custard
  • Ginger & Fig
  • Pomegranate & Apple
  • Cabin in the Woods (for all you guys who have been wanting a “woodsy” scent)
  • Spicy Cranberry

Fragrances that we are still carrying are:

  • Lemon Parsley
  • Mulled Tangerine
  • Homestead

Come on in and check them out!  As any of our loyal candle customers can tell you, they leave the store very quickly after they arrive.

Today is the Day! Stock is in the “Hood”!!


Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for!  Stock is opening up tonight and bringing a new flavor and flair to Fishtown.  Come on over and check them out.  The restaurant is lovely, the owners are awesome and I was lucky enough to pre-taste some of their dishes last week and I can say … you will be thrilled.  Welcome to the neighborhood! Here’s some of their write ups in our local media: