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CeCe Caldwell Paints & Finishes SALE!!

What are you doing in January, February and March now that the holidays are over and we look forward to Spring??  Now is a great time to pull out all that stuff that you bought at last year’s yard sales and flea markets and paint!

And to motivate you, all of our CeCe Caldwell’s products are on sale.  Paints will be sold at $28 a quart or $6 a sample pot.  And the great thing is that we do ship!!  Please call us prior to visiting to ensure that we have what you’re looking for:  215.327.3451.

Weekend Before & After Paint Project

Now that the holidays are over and things have settled down, I will have more time for the gazillion projects that are either at home, in the store, or in my head.

This was a quick and easy that I did yesterday.  The ugly black chair has just been bugging me for a while and I wanted to play around with milk paint a little bit, soooo ….. here it is!

McCoy and Hull Pottery Ideas

Something that I’ve been collecting for years is McCoy, Hull and USA planters.  I especially tend to gravitate toward the green colors.  The funny thing is that I don’t think I have ever used any of them as a planter.  I’ve decided to thin out a little from my collection to make room for other things, therefore have a nice little stash of these planters for sale at the shoppe.

Just to give you some ideas, here’s some of the things that I’ve either used or plan to use the planters for.  So many of these ideas are so classy and take the place of using tacky plastic.

  • Containers for soaps, cotton balls & q-tips
  • Containers for pens, post-its and other office stuff
  • Dining and entertaining settings (see above)
  • Hold bedside table stuff
  • Dog or cat food dish (I admit I’ve never done this)
  • Or, as intended, a planter!

What’s New! 1/3/2014

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