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Giveaway ~ $25 Gift Certificate to Bubba’s!

Bubba's Texas BBQ ~ Fishtown Philadelphia 19125

Bubba’s Texas BBQ ~ Fishtown Philadelphia 19125

Shout out to another great bar/restaurant addition to Fishtown … Bubba’s Texas BBQ!

In the past year, Fishtown has been exploding with fantastic new additions to the bar/restaurant and small business scene and I especially love this because I can walk to all of them (and then sometimes stumble home!).  Through our strong civic and business associations – shout out to New Kensington Community Development Center (NKCDC), Fishtown Area Business Association (FABA) and Frankford Avenue Arts – Keys to the Attic has had the opportunity to network and get to know most of the other small businesses in the neighborhood.

In the past few months, we’ve developed a “lucky streak” and have managed to accumulate a stack of gift certificates to a lot of these fine establishments … and we’re gonna pass the luck on to you!  So, every other Tuesday (until the certificates run out) we’re gonna be giving away a gift certificate to one of our local small businesses so you can try them out and, hopefully, become as big a fan as we are.

So, on that note, I’d love to introduce you to Bubba’s Texas BBQ.  I met the owner, Stacy, at one of our FABA meetings and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this girl is a whirlwind of energy!  She totally inspires me (and then I have take a nap cause I get all tuckered out) and is surrounded by tons of positive energy.  You’ll also find Ivan, the manager, at the restaurant and he is totally awesome, too.  We love to sit and catch up about all of the neighborhood changes over a few cold ones.  (P.S. They have free air conditioning, too!)

To win the $25 gift certificate, all you have to do is Like both of our facebook sites.  That’s all.  Pass this around to all of your friends and maybe they’ll win and take you out to dinner!

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Bubba’s facebook site:

Great Food, Great Whiskey, Great Friends … Great Neighborhood!

Lloyd, Me & Patti

Great things come from long days and insufferable heat … it all depends on your outlook on life.

So remember last week?  Consistent days of sweltering heat and humidity??  Well, the bad news is – my store doesn’t have air.  This sucks.  But, I was able to survive because my building was built sometime in the mid 1800’s so it retains the cooler air from previous weeks and the sun doesn’t come to my side of the street until late afternoon.  Regardless, it was hot!  The good news is that I lost about 5 pounds simply by existing.

Saturday evening my new BFF, Patti, stopped by the store to visit.  I adore Patti!  She first came into my store a couple of weeks ago and we instantly bonded.  After chewing each other’s ears off, we discovered that a good friend of mine – Mike – that I’ve known for a lot of years is her cousin!  Well, this just solidified the bond.  So, anyway, Patti comes in and we’re hanging out and yapping it up as we were melting together and I finally looked at her and said … “This heat is bullshit .. let’s go get a drink.”  And, Patti says … “Yes.  Let’s.”

So, Patti and I decide to head a couple of blocks up the street to Lloyd Whiskey Bar where they have free air conditioning.  Here’s my shout out to Lloyd which is one of my favorite bar/restaurants in Fishtown.  If you haven’t been there, yet, you need to go.  They have a fantastic whiskey selection, great beer selection and fantastic food.  And they are super, super nice!

When we get to Lloyd, guess who’s there??  Lloyd!  Lloyd and his son, Scott, are awesome.  They tolerate my indecisiveness and never take me seriously when I tell them that this is gonna be my last beer.  Gotta love them for that.  As it ends up, Lloyd was Patti’s science teacher in middle school … how funny is that!  Fishtown is soooo small and I love it.  Where everybody knows your name – whether you want them to or not.  So, Patti, Lloyd and I hung out and had a fabulous time trading tall tales and laughing our sweaty asses off.  As a bonus, I got to watch a fantastic lighting show out their front window.  Fishtown is awesome!

CeCe Caldwell’s Paint Giveaway!!


Woo Hoo!!  CeCe Caldwell’s Facebook has hit 10,000 Likes and she is very happy and appreciative, so she’s feeling like doing a big ole’ giveaway.  Click on the link below to go to her page (click on Giveaway once you’re there) and enter to win:  4 Quarts of Paint, 1 Endurance, 1 Aging Dust, 1 Clear Wax, and 1 CeCe’s Apron!!

Tell her Keys to the Attic sent you and Good Luck!

What’s New! 7/12/2013

Does anybody know what this is?

I know that this is a vintage wood press of some sort, but does anybody know what kind or what it was used for?  The box measures about 19 inches wide and deep.

What’s New! ~ 7/3/2013