Monthly Archives: March 2013

Just a Little Friday Morning Project

I was looking for my hammer this morning when I realized, after tripping over various pieces of furniture, tools, boxes, etc., that my work room in the back of my store is a MESS.  Actually, I’ve realized this quite a few times over the past couple of months, resulting in just as many mental notes to clean the mess up.

So, after an exhaustive search for my hammer, I decided to paint instead.  My Rationale:  By painting something, I am technically cleaning up my back room because I am removing something (that I’ve been tripping over) in order to paint then sell it.

I made a mental note (to store with all of my other mental notes that get buried in the recesses of my brain) to look for my hammer later and worked on my painting project instead.

This decorative wall piece used to be the top of a mirror that was broken.  So I removed the mirror and the rest of the mirror frame until I ended up with just this top piece.  Unfortunately, in my haste to start painting (and forget about my hammer), I forgot to take a “before” picture.  But below is the “after” picture.  I used two coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Michigan Pine, distressed with a damp cloth, and sealed with clear wax.  The entire project – including drying time – took less than two hours (understanding that most of this time was waiting for the paint to dry and the wax to absorb).

FYI:  I did end up finding my hammer and it wasn’t in my work room … no wonder I didn’t find it there!

Keys to the 130320_afterwallpiece_mp